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Key Takeaways from Jeni's Social Media Success

I watched an informative interview with Rival IQ's Seth Bridges and Social Media Expert Alex Lewis of Jeni's Ice Creams.

In case you DON'T have an hour to absorb another video, I listed some key takeaways and personal insights below so you can feel like you did.

Key Takeaways and Reflections Part 1

High-level thoughts:

  • There is something wonderfully unique about the conversations that can happen for your brand on social media because of the nature of social media communication (short form, instant, gifs and pics encouraged, rapid sharing potential, new audiences

  • Is your social media inspiring and motivating people to: comment, like, share, save

  • A company must ask themselves, "what is our core messaging?" before being successful on social media. It is going to be all about telling a story - YOUR STORY

  • To be successful on social media, you must understand your company message, your audience interests and experiences, including current emotional states (Think of how people were feeling in a sudden pandemic)

  • What are the human experiences and emotions your brand can relate to with its social media content?

  • A company should focus on achieving and tightening brand consistency on a larger scale. Social media is just one arm of delivering this

Who and what level of human power is behind Jeni's social media marketing?:

  • Jeni's social media efforts are accomplished by a team of digital marketers and content creators. If you only have the budget for one - three of these roles below, do not expect the same social media results

Their team*

Chief Commercial Officer

Brand Manager

PR Manager

Communications Manager

Partnerships Manager

Art & Design Team

Digital and E-Commerce Specialist

*Jeni's considers itself "not a large company" according to this teammate*

  • How can businesses at entry levels achieve social media success without such a team? What is a measure of success at entry level social?

  • Their content creation model at Jeni's: "Fellowship Model" based on the Lord of the Rings :) Everybody brings their best to the table for the end result

The process for generating content (actual social media posts):

  • How does a company execute a social media strategy? Who?

A few times a week, Marketing/Social Media Teams meet with the Art & Design Team (at Jeni's this includes Art director, creative director, graphics designer, copywriter, photographer) to review:

  • What's mapped out over the next few weeks and months

  • Brainstorming together on fresh content ideas

Tips for creating good social media content:

  • Get creative and trendy with your social media ideas

  • Think of successful marketing campaigns of other industries - how can you replicate that?

  • If something is trending, how can you replicate it quickly and make it relevant?

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